Vision Analytics

Bizcuit Vision Analytics is an AI analytics CCTV that help you analyze your retail situation and help fix them in real-time

Real Time AI Analytic


Real Time Alerts and Actions


Real Time Dashboard


Install cctv

The Biggest Problem in Retail: What makes my sale?


Right Location

Right Traffic/People

Attractiveness Brand

Active Salesperson

Attractive Product + Deal

And help answer all these

Sale per store

Retail Traffic and Engagement Level

Count and Classify level of interest of traffic to determine the ‘Health’ of your retail traffic

Que Management

Vision Analytics help alert every time customer stuck at check out. Once alerted, the brand able to provide remote assistant to customer in real-time improving the customer experience of this ‘unmanned store’

Staff Attendance

Vision Analytics help alert every time Staff leave designated area longer than the agree service level. This help ensure consistency in operations across the globe

VDO Analytics Power

Behavior Detection

Object Detection

Demographics Detection

Facial Analysis

AI Traffic Vision

AI Vehicle Vision

Vehicle classification

Traffic count and direction

AI People Vision

High Angle Camera

  • Operation efficiency
  • Customer traffic

Low-Angle Camera

  • Person recognition
  • Mood detection
  • Demographics

People Counting

High-Angle Camera

Camera feed configuration module

Vehicle Counting

Classify type of vehicle pass by the potential retail site to determine retail opportunity

Ongoing R&D in Image and VDO Analytics

Our AI have been trained about customer facial expression through more than 10,000 photos.

Send negative alert to working team right the way, when system detect the unhappy customer


Machine Learning Image Recognition

Enable new way to engage with customer or operation
Allows customize detection of object of interest, logo, brand that enable applications to process further

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