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Fullloop Customer Experience Management Platform is here to empower you – from building customer satisfaction, managing their experience, tracking media conversion to gaining insight to build your next hit product. 

An All-in-One Customer Experience Management Platform

That Listens to Your Customers and Manage their Experiences with Your Business

Learn about Your Customer’s Voice on a Specific Transaction

Whether you want to find out Net Promoter, Customer Satisfaction or Customer Effort score based on the actual transaction your customer had with you, or you want to ask a specific set of attribute questions, our system can do just that.

Manage Your Customer Experience
Real Time with Closed Loop Feedback

Fullloop allows a real-time customer experience monitoring and management on a platform that directly connects to your team so you can make sure your customers are properly handled.

Cross-Sell to Your Customers Right on the Platform

Fullloop uses a combination of customer behavior and attitude as cross-selling conditions. The possibilities are endless to make that extra sales.

Customize the Way You Interact with Your Customers

New, existing, or VIP customer – You might want to reach out to them in a different way. Fullloop allows you to do just that, with so many ways to reach out to customers, all in a single setup with no extra cost

Cross-Sell to Your Customers Right on the Platform.

Fullloop uses a combination of customer behavior and attitude as cross-selling conditions.
The possibilities are endless to make that extra sales.

Built-in NLP Text Analytics Capability to Help You Gain that Extra Insight.

FullLoop packs the punch with the powerful Natural Language Processing – NLP based text analytics feature, which allows you to manage thousands of customer comments in seconds. Thai and English are available, let us know if you’d like us to learn your language!

Measure Your Media ROI with Fullloop.

Fullloop has a way to ask and analyze which media brings in the most sales as our system links with your specific transactions. We can even tell which media works best for each customer segment or location.

Scalable, no Hardware Installment because We are on Cloud.

Fullloop is a Software-as-a-Service platform that is subscription based. There is no need for you to install any hardware. The dashboard is web-based and can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have the internet. Getting more transactions because business is going great? You can boost up your Fullloop package anytime.

Advanced Analytics Dashboard for Your Real-Time Total Visibility.

Fullloop is built on more than 20 years of market research experience. Our dashboard shows what you need to know, plus automatically makes recommendations. Basically, you have our brain.

Utilize Metadata as Part of the Survey Response Analysis to Gain More Insight.

Fullloop integrates your in-house data and survey responses to bring you even more powerful insight, from customer segment to purchase transaction information, all can be used to extract additional insight.

A Platform that Keeps on Giving.

We believe in continuous improvement for our customers therefore, we will keep introducing more features in the future to further transform your business.

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