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The Most Powerful Customer Experience Management Platform

FullLoop is Bizcuit’s customer experience management platform that redefine the category with extensive features and analytics. This is the best a brand could get as a cloud platform with the starting cost of less than $999 a month.

Ready-to-Deploy Agile Research Platform

You want fast survey, but still need professional practice of quota management and comprehensive analytics dashboard? Bizcuit’s Form allows you to create your agile study with professional sampling quota control. Walk out from other  amateur systems and walk in to our professional platform.

Having Trouble Processing a Ton of Thai Language Data?

With our extensive unique Thai language training data and advanced machine learning,
Bizcuit offers Thai text analytics API to be used in various applications such
as building AI agent or processing internal customer data log.

Traffic Count Made Easy

With our Image Processing technology, we can provide a consistent and accurate people and vehicle traffic count. We can process them as a service or you can get int touch with our sales team to get your on premise cameras. Talk to us.

Brand and Object Recognition

Whether there is a need to identify your product in supermarket or you want to do some fancy customer engagement, our object recognition API can get the job done with ease. The effort to get one project set up is very minimal.

Neuroscience has arrived

Learning directly from the neuron is no longer science fiction. Bizcuit’s technology allows you to test advertisement or store experience using neuroscience as a way to evaluate. The insight learning has gone to the next level.


Beyond customer satisfaction measurement, BIZFeedback
provides us various aspects of customer insight that we don’t even think of. BIZFeedback has become our major source of data,
particularly in marketing, promotion campaign, new product design and advertisements, it
allows us to respond to our clients effectively as well as budget management.

Unyarat Pornprakit

Chief Executive Officer Jubilee Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

Unyarat Pornprakit

At first, we didn’t have any confidence in “self-completion” online data collection because we were used to “face-to-Face” data collection method. With BIZFeedback, we experience the unconventional method of “real-time” data collection with accuracy, rapidity, and analysis at self-comprehensive level. This gives us limitless data utility that goes with modern lifestyle and a user-friendly approach for this new generation.

Suoratai Phottongpoon

Sr. Strategic Marketing Communication – Marketing Sf Development Co.,Ltd.

Suoratai Phottongpoon

BETTER data quality, FASTER data deliverable, and CHEAPER the cost are key decisions of our projects. I am totally confident that BIZCUIT system can meet our needs for these three aspects. The system is friendly for us, and we also received data within 3 days after FW done. That is completely faster than using paper. We do not need to request anything since we can do everything by ourselves. Just filter the data and then all answers are coming to us!! Apart from a good system, team personality is so nice and welcome to support us anytime. Particularly FW team are not too old or too young. They absolutely fits with our events. That is possible to help our audiences to comfort response on our survey. Thanks team!

Rachot Jaroenjitrkam

Assistant Insight/Research Manager

Rachot Jaroenjitrkam

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