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Meet Your New 1st Line Customer Service

In many business scenarios, we will be the first to know how your customers feel about the service they have just received. Fullloop will immediately interact with your customers with relevant context based on the business rules you prefer. Be it apology, reward, offer, or just wish them a happy day – Fullloop will always be ready to talk with your customers 24/7  with 100% consistency…and no more overtime pay ever!

Benefit from Our Customer Targeting System

In the world of modern day marketing, we are talking about the segment of one. Fullloop is able to target each customer transaction with specific engagement scenario. This means we will never cross-sell to unhappy customer and will only offer the right phone case to the buyer of the correct phone model.

Engage Your Customers...in Style

Fullloop was created with brand engagement in mind.
Our content creation engine allows each customer
engagement element to be customized and within your control.

Powerful Dashboard that was Designed with Deep Customer Experience Management Knowledge in Mind

Expertly made analytic template that will help you get better with each day your business is operates

Integrating Customer Data, Transaction Data, and Survey Data into One Ultimate Learning

Our metadata system enables deep and rich learning about your customer interactions that eventually leads you to developing better strategy and execution. We categorize metadata in 4 different groupings:

Short Campaign Survey (Ad Hoc)

Fullloop is designed to run along your business to make sure things are always in place. But from time to time business has a need to get some quick insight,and when FullLoop is already connected to your customer, of course we can help you on this as well.

  • Supports single answer, open answer and multiple answer formats for short campaign question
  •  Supports cross-analysis of ad hoc campaign answers with other information you already have on Fullloop
  • Supports the export response raw data you want and use it for further campaign or analysis

Managing Your Response Rate

Pricing of Fullloop is a flat fee. Therefore, the more you can get your customer to participate, the better ROI you can get out of Fullloop. 

Fullloop has a deep analysis into the kind of campaign that has low response rate. We provide trend analysis on which part of your network or which customer group did not respond and even a way to work with the non-response group of customers to get them to join.

At the end of the day, it is not the response rate that matters, it’s the number of customers you can learn from or interact with each day. If you can get 1000 feedback a day, even it is just 8% of your total transaction, within a month time, you would still learn far more than any market research you could do in one year. You don’t grow business from percentage, you grow the business from each customer you work with.


Negative Customer Experience Management

Fullloop was built to be the only customer experience management platform you will ever need in your
organization because we come ready with a huge set of capabilities

Real time negative alert that can be configured based on the type of issues.

Negative case management platform that lets you see all the information about each case that needs to be fixed.

Action tracking that let you learn all the history about each case you need to manage.

SLA and escalation system that keeps track of problem resolution to make sure that things don’t take too long.

Quality Assurance

Ever wonder how many customer case you had handle ended up really really happy? What about how many cases that don’t?

Fullloop has capability to help you track and make sure that each case that was handled through FullLoop really end with happy feeling…for those that do not..our mission to serve continues

Get Trendy with World Class Standard Engagement Measurements

Manage your business professionally with trusted customer engagement measurements that are accepted by many business across the globe. The engagement parameters will be used as your engagement score in Fullloop Dashboard. You can track and contrast each of your business units with engagement score.

Fullloop allows up to maximum of 4 customer engagement questions in one setup (though you really need just one). 

Learn more about each engagement matrix: NPS , CSAT, CES, and TR.


Satisfaction Attribute Management System

If you still need to use Satisfaction Attributes (LEARN MORE on how this differs from engagement measurement) to drive your business, we can fully understand that. Most firms with good customer experience management system have many attributes to track and manage usually via traditional satisfaction survey. What Fullloop brings to your table is the ability to allow each unique customer to respond to a few attributes at a time. Our system will ask the rest of the attributes to each customers so that in the end you get all the answers  to your 20+ attributes with your customers not having to suffer from the abuse of lengthy survey. It’s a win-win situation made possible by our system which was built by accomplished team of professional market researchers.


The AI that Helps you Understand Your Customer

We have a way to understand what your customer is typing to us and able to process them at a lightning speed. We help you classify issues and organize them in a way that make complex opinions very simple to manage. 

We use advanced Machine Learning technology to obtain insight for many issues your business might have. The more you allow Fullloop to help you, the better we can understand your business.

Directly Connects with Your Business

The key to successfully manage your customer experience is to be able to manage your customer interaction and the customer experience platform. Fullloop offer a large selection of ways to connect your business to Fullloop. Starting from an advanced API to simple FTP file transfer. Fullloop caters to every type of business regardless of how advanced your internal technology is.

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